Not many sleeps until Christmas…

Christmas approacheth fast, and I even went to a nativity play on Sunday… well, sort of a nativity play – meerkitten invited me along to watch her Sunday School’s Christmas play, which was actually four plays: three different versions of the nativity story with modern twists, and a story about christmas trees that Meerkitten starred in as Polly the Poplar (or “plopar”, as one of her attending angels kept calling her). Sunday Schools and nativity plays are not at all my scene, but it was fun in a school-play, wobbly-sets, how-many-ways-can-kids-get-things-wrong sort of way. And I think I made a convert to Bookcrossing – at the morning tea afterwards, awhina introduced me to the minister’s wife, saying “you’ll be able to talk to each other about books”. Of course, with an opening like that, I just had to mention Bookcrossing (much to awhina’s shock, I think – I got the impression she hadn’t told anyone at her church about her other identity as a spreader of literacy 🙂 ). Anyway, the minister’s wife was fascinated by the idea, and was going to go home and check out the website! So maybe going out in the cold and rain (it is December, right?) was worth it after all…

On my way home, I stopped off at Trattorie for lunch, and dropped off a few books (two children’s picture books: Fast-Slow, High-Low: A Book of Opposites by Peter Spier and Giants by Christopher Rawson, and Milton’s Paradise Lost – I’d been intending to release them at the church, but after spending so long talking about Bookcrossing, I thought it might be a bit obvious who’d left them (and would probably have embarrased awhina even more!)) in the OCZ. The bookshelf was looking a bit messy, so I spent a while putting the books back neatly on the shelves and reuniting a few with their covers.

Got a PM from rarsberry letting me know that she and VivaRichie are going to be in Christchurch over Christmas, so we arranged for them to come over for dinner on Christmas Eve. Which seemed like a good excuse for an impromptu meetup, so I’ve invited a few of the local Bookcrossers round for dinner as well. No idea if any of them will actually turn up, but hopefully one or two will (actually, I hope more that they don’t all turn up, because I’ve got no idea how I’d feed everyone! Might have to resort to Pizza Hut if that happens!))

Currently reading Bastard out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison

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