Sunday night already?

You know that saying about wishing your life away? That kind of feels like what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve spent so much of the week thinking about my holiday in April that I’ve somehow let the last week of this holiday slip away, and suddenly it’s Sunday night and I’m back to work tomorrow.

But it has been a good break, and I have achieved a lot, even if most of it was in preparation for London. But then, that was exactly what I’d intended to spend these couple of weeks doing – finalising the logo, getting the convention website set up (it’s here if you’re interested – still in very draft form, but it’s a start, at least), and starting work on promotional materials to send to London. And it’s not that I begrudge the time spent planning the trip – it’s all incredibly exciting and I’m having great fun planning (and even if it wasn’t fun, the trip itself will be well worth any work involved). I think I just wish I’d had the willpower not to spend the last three days glued to the computer, checking my email and LJ every few minutes in case there were any offers of accommodation, or news from Skyring or Otakuu about their sides of the planning. Now that it’s Sunday night, I’m starting to think of all the things I could have been doing instead of playing solitaire and waiting for my email to ping.

Of course, I always feel this way at the end of any time off work – that there were so many things I *didn’t* do with my time off.

And the plus side of going back to work, of course, is that I’ll be able to talk to my boss about leave for April, and once I’ve got that confirmed, I can ring the travel agent and give her the go ahead. Which is when things start getting really exciting!

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