The next secret project

Another friends-only series of posts about an embroidery project, because this is another one intended for someone who I know reads my diary.

I’ll admit the colour choice of the fabric was partly inspired by the fact that I already had it in my fabric stash (and I was feeling much too impatient to get started to want to wait until Tuesday when Hands will be open again to look for something different), but I actually think it will give a really interesting effect to the finished picture. I just hope it will also turn out to be an attractive effect!!!

As for the subject matter of the picture, I’ll leave that as a guessing game for now 😉

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  1. It looks even nicer framed up! But they certainly made you wait till the last minute.

    Gosh, it was sunny all day here. It’s unusual to have it that way around 🙂

  2. What a beautifuly personal and thoughtful wedding gift! Oh how I wish I had the patience to complete projects like that. As it is I think I have 4 unfinished quilts in my basket.


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