Secret project report: Ming must die

One of Ming’s many oddities is an obsession about paper lying on the floor. If there’s a piece of paper on the floor he’ll sit there and paw at it trying to see what’s underneath it, and if he can’t manage to lift it up it usually ends up shredded.

The other night I left the pattern for my latest embroidery project lying on the lounge floor. I bet you can see where this is going…

Yep, that’s what I discovered the next morning. I suppose I got off lightly, as that was all the real damage, and he could have shredded it completely, but there’s a bit of the pattern missing completely (and believe me, I’ve searched everywhere for it… well, almost everywhere – I suspect it ended up inside Ming, and I’m NOT going to start searching through his poos!). Luckily most of the damage is on a blank part of the design, and I should be able to recreate the missing bit, but he still got some very dirty looks from me!

Here’s the latest work in progress:

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