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We’ve arrived safely in Wales, and have found an internet cafe, but haven’t got much time because the out-laws are waiting to show us around town, so just time to post a few random images of Singapore in no particular order:

A temple in Chinatown:

And almost next door, a Hindu temple (I didn’t take photos inside of this one, because they were charging a fee for bringing a camera in):

Little India:

Arab Quarter:

Huge skyscrapers in the Financial District:

at the foot of which is the Singapore River, with traditional boats, and lined with tiny red-tile roofed buildings – an amazing contrast!

Baby Bally looks a bit concerned about the meal we had on our first night:

but is more impressed by the chrystanthenum tea I had in Chinatown:

Meetup in an Egyptian restaurant in the Arab Quarter (left to right, Otakuu, Derreada, and Meexia):

Air conditioning is Singapore’s life blood:

More when I get time.

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