Yay for Changi Airport

Finally, free wi-fi access! I can actually use my own computer to access the internet (assuming the batteries hold out… hmm, wonder if there’s any power points around here). Which means I’ve finally managed to upload the photos properly for this entry.

I’m having a minor panic at the moment, because my passport got wet in the rain yesterday, and I didn’t realise just how wet until I checked in, and they had trouble reading the code thingy with their machine, because the paper has warped, and the ink from some of the stamps has run a bit. They let me through passport control though (although they did ask what had happened to it), so maybe it’ll be ok, but I’m a bit concerned about what will happen in the US.

Wonder how quickly NZ House in London could issue me a new passport? (probably not very quickly at all, as from memory they have to send them from NZ)

I’ve emailed my travel agent for advice, so we’ll see what she says.

We did finally get hold of Andy (the organiser of Bookcrossing-SG) yesterday. He hadn’t managed to get a meetup organised for us, but he suggested we meet for supper. Before we agreed we probably should have asked him first what time is considered supper time in Singapore, because we ended up meeting at midnight!!

He took us to a food court where he introduced us to a couple of local specialities: “carrot cake” (which wasn’t cake, nor did it contain carrots – it was an omelette with some kind of seafood tossed through it), and fried oysters, which came with a weird sort of battered omelette (tasted good though!). We had a great time, and chatted for a couple of hours before finally having to admit defeat and get back to the hostel for some sleep.

Oops, power about to run out. Better go and see if they have any power points in this airport.

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