I should never make plans

Great start to my plan of releasing a book or two at the university every day this week – yesterday morning I was running late so didn’t have time to grab any books as I ran out the door.

I was sensible last night, though – I made sure I picked out a couple of books, labelled them up ready to go, and put them in my bag before I went to bed. So this morning I released The Alien Earth by Michael Elder in the Psychology Department, and a French book, Les dames de Siberie by Henri Troyat in the French Department (not so much a themed release as a hope that someone there could actually read it!)

Still trying to drum up some last minute interest in the NZBC Convention. We’ve had some help from the Bookcrossing Support team though – they’ve put a notice up about the convention on the Bookcrossing site.

And some more good news about the convention: Lytteltonwitch has been trying to find a venue for our convention dinner on the Saturday night, and was talking to someone at Christchurch Girls High, to see if we could hire a room there for the night. It turned out that the woman she spoke to had heard of Bookcrossing, and thought it was a great idea, so she’s given us a huge discount on the room hire!

So that’s everything pretty much arranged now – it all just depends on getting the numbers: we need at least 20 people to break even on the bus trip, we need 25 before the cafe will open for us, and we need around 20 for the dinner to justify hiring a room. Of course, we’ve got back-up plans for all these things, but we’re creeping closer to 20, so we’re still hopeful we won’t have to give up our Plan A just yet…

Currently reading: Death is Relative by Edward Phillips and Historical Linguistics: An Introduction by Lyle Campbell (actually, I’ll probably be reading and re-reading that one for the next 4 months or so – so how about we take it as read that it’s on the currently reading list on every entry until July…)

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