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After all too short a break from study, Semester 2 has started, which means my next Spanish class has started. I feel like I’ve already forgotten everything I learnt for the exam, so I’ve been struggling a bit to keep up in class, but it’s slowly starting to come back to me. This semester is not going to be easy, though – I was looking at the course schedule, and the lecturer seems to be taking the concept of continuous assessment to an extreme:

21 July Composition due
24 July Quiz
4 August Quiz
7 August Major test
11 August Composition due
18 August Quiz
21 August – 1 September Mid-Semester Break (phew!)
8 September Composition due
13 September Quiz
15 September Major test
25 September Quiz
2 October Composition due
4 October Quiz
6 October Quiz
9-13 October Oral tests
4 November Final exam

Plus of course four classes every week, with homework every night. There’s not a lot of breathing time in that schedule! When I come to choose my papers for next year, someone please remind me I never want to do another language paper ever again!!! They’re just too much work.

We had a bookcrossing meetup on Tuesday night… well, sort of… it actually ended up being just me, MrPloppy and lytteltonwitch. It was a nice evening anyway (we went to Alva Rados, which is always a good start), but there wasn’t a lot of Bookcrossing done (I did give lytteltonwitch Blast from the Past by Ben Elton, but that was the only book that changed hands).

In other news, I’ve started a new embroidery project – or rather, re-started a very old project. Remember way back in January 2005 I mentioned that the next project I’d be working on would be a Santa’s Workshop advent calendar for my nephews? I kind of got distracted by kittens and topiary gardens instead, but the guilt has finally got to me, so I’ve started work on it again.

[album 128913 santa1.JPG]

It has progressed a bit since that photo was taken – the calendar part now goes up to 18, and the red border has grown a bit (I’ve decided not to fall into the trap I did with the topiaries of leaving the worst bit to last, so I’m trying to concentrate on getting the boring border bit done first, and I’ll finish off the interesting picture part after that). I doubt somehow that I’ll manage to finish the whole thing by December – at this rate my nephews will be grown up by the time they get their calendar!

Currently reading: We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

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  1. I’d almost bet money on your doing another language paper next year 🙂

    The calendar looks good. And a good idea to do the worst bits early!

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