A grey and dismal day

And not just the weather. Once again, NZ has bucked international trends, and just when Australia finally got rid of Howard and voted in Labour, and America finally got rid of Bush and voted in a Democrat president, after 9 years of Labour we’ve swung back to the right. National + ACT = the most right wing government I can remember for this country. The rich and powerful must be dancing for joy this morning. Pity about the rest of us 🙁

Oh, and Helen Clark has resigned. I know a lot of people didn’t like her (and there’s been times I haven’t been particularly impressed either), but she was definitely the sanest Prime Minister we’ve had. She’ll be missed.

The only slight glimmer of light is that at least the Greens picked up a couple of extra seats. Which means that maybe people weren’t so much voting against the left in this swing to National, as just feeling that 12 years would be too long for any one party to hold power, and that someone else should get a go.

Lets hope the new bunch don’t do too much damage in the next three years…

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  1. I for one found the results last night rather interesting. Seems plenty of people were prepared to vote in their local Labour candidates but not give Labour their party vote. To me that suggests people are still pro-Labour in general but anti Helen. Perhaps dear old aunty should have stood down sooner and Labour might have won with someone else at the helm. I’m not fond of her myself, shes stood on a few too many toes, but neither do I have the major anti for her some people do. I just think a fresh approach was needed. I have nothing nice to say about Key, I’ve worked with his type many times and it scares me to think what will he will do now with the power. I also found it interesting that while the Maori party candidates won their electorates by a long shot, the party votes in those same electorates went massively to Labour. All in all, glad its over and hoping something positive comes from it.

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