Not many sleeps now…

This week seems to be dragging interminably already, and it’s only just started (of course, when I remember the deadline I’ve got on Thursday for a Historical Linguistics assignment which I’ve only half-finished, it seems to be racing past!)

It is getting very exciting, though. Every day envelopes are arriving in my letterbox with registration forms (and even better, cheques!), or more goodies for the convention bags. Tomorrow afternoon rarsberry arrives (having caught a lift up from Dunedin with Skyring and MrsSkyring), then on Thursday night lytteltonwitch and Cathietay are coming round to help put the goody bags together, and at sometime around midnight that night Littlemave and a mavette will arrive… and then it’ll be Friday and the beginning of the first proper NZBC Convention! Ok, so I’m getting a bit over-excited here, but it’s all suddenly very real and very exciting (oh yeah, I said that, didn’t I?)

Had a great (indirect) catch today, too – in March last year I caught The Eat a Pet Cookbook which boreal had left in the OCZ at Trattorie. I returned it to the OCZ after I’d read it, and it was picked up in June by nzpussikat, who released it in a vet clinic. And that was the last any of us heard from it, until today, when an anonymous finder journaled it! It’s becoming a well-travelled little book – wonder where it will turn up next?

Currently reading: The Story of the British Museum by Marjorie Caygill and Oracles and Miracles by Stevan Eldred-Grigg

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