NoNoNoNo Days 9-13

I was right – I was getting a cold. It struck with full force on Friday, and I spent the next two days in bed, and have been pretty zombie-like since. Hence the lack of nono entries – I just haven’t been feeling all that creative.

It’s annoying, really. I’d had so much I’d planned to get done over the weekend. The next few weekends are going to be busy (Alexandra and Invercargill next weekend, Wellington the weekend after, then MrPloppy’s birthday the weekend after that…), so this was going to be my weekend for doing things like some mega pre-christmas tidying up, getting books registered and labelled for the upcoming expeditions, maybe a bit of clothes shopping so my mother doesn’t frown at my ripped jeans again… and somewhere in there I wanted to go to the gardens and do some sketching. Instead, I spent a lot of time sleeping and reading. Oh well, at least I lowered Mt TBR by a few books…

By Sunday I was going stir-crazy, and decided the cure for my cold would be to get out and get some fresh air. So I decided I’d go over to Trattorie for breakfast, drop off a few books in the OBCZ (Chronicle of the Unsung by Martin Edmond, Cool for Cats by Jessica Adams, Shelly Has a Baby by Shelly West, and Coupling by Wendy Perriam), and come home via Jellie Park so I could take some photos or do a bit of sketching.

Mr Ploppy sensibly persuaded me that walking to and from the cafe would probably be a bit much for me (I tend to overestimate the amount of energy I’ve got when I get a cold – I always forget that cold = less efficient lungs = get exhausted very easily, and am surprised when I run out of oomph half way through whatever I thought I could do), so I took the bus over there, which turned out to be a good idea, because even that tired me out. But breakfast was worth the effort, even if I couldn’t really taste it:


I still wanted to walk home via the park, but it was a very slow stroll rather than my usual pace. Which was good, because while I was pausing for breath on a little bridge I spotted this family of ducks passing underneath:


By the time I reached the park (which normally would only be an easy 10 minutes walk away), I was really too tired to be feeling creative. I did sit and sketch for a while, but I just wasn’t in the mood – everything that caught my eye was moving too fast for my brain to keep up with (probably a silly day to try drawing people, a subject that always needs a quick eye and quicker brain to capture), and I just wasn’t inspired by any of the stuff (like trees and rocks) that were sitting still. Some half-hearted (and badly smudged, because I forgot to close my sketchbook before I put it back in my bag) sketches:

Sunday in the Park

I did manage to walk the rest of the way home, but that was definitely all my energy gone, so the rest of the day was spent asleep, and I never got round to posting the pictures then.

Yesterday I needed to be at work (we’re really busy at the moment), so I couldn’t take another sick day, despite probably still needing it. So all my energy went into just getting to work and surviving the day, so another day with no nono. Good thing I’d got a bit ahead of myself last week!

I’m feeling a bit better today, though still tired and bunged up. I’m just hoping I’ll be fully recovered by the weekend – nothing is going to stop me getting down to see Otakuu!!!

So, a bit more creativity to get me fully caught up to Day 13 of NoNoNoNo:

An attempt to make waiting for the bus more interesting (I’m still not recovered enough to walk to work, which limits the photo-ops):

bus stop

At work (probably the only picture you’ll ever get of my office ;-)):


(Hmm, maybe I should have titled that “I need to clean my keyboard”)

And a bit of creativity with the photo of my breakfast from Sunday:


And that, by my count, takes me up to picture #26, which is exactly where I should be by today. I’m caught up! Yayyy!!!!

And in other news, not only am I sick, but so is my computer 🙁 It went totally dead yesterday morning, and MrPloppy thinks the power supply has burnt out. He’s ordered a replacement power supply, and will replace it for me once it arrives, but he won’t know until then if it did any other damage when it went. Fingers crossed it didn’t, because I can’t afford a new motherboard right now, and that’s the component most likely to have been fried.

At least we’ve got the laptop, so we’re still a two computer family.

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