Yay! I managed to release 11 books at 11* am on 11/11/11 🙂

The original plan was to release war-themed books, seeing as its also Armistice Day, but I could only find one in my release box, and since St Christopher’s fell down I don’t have a good source of cheap books to buy just for release, so it ended up just being a random selection:

  1. Episode by William Taylor
  2. Ormerod’s Landing by Leslie Thomas
  3. Club Hammer by Jenny Savage
  4. Lucille: House Captain by Janet Grey
  5. Brydons on the Broads by Kathleen Fidler
  6. Flame-Coloured Taffeta by Rosemary Sutcliff
  7. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  8. The Naked Face by Sydney Sheldon
  9. Good Wives by Louisa M Alcott
  10. Masquerade by Emmeline Morrison
  11. The Invisible Cord by Catherine Cookson

*Roughly – it takes more than 60 seconds to release that many books, so it was more like 11-ish. Which is why I didn’t bother trying for the more poetic 11:11 am.

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