From my travel journal: Friday 15 April 2011, 8 am

I am being incredibly brave here – I’ve passed up the safe (and expensive!) option of a hotel breakfast and ventured out on my own to find somewhere to eat. Not very far, admittedly – just across the street to the Metro station where there are various little shops and fast food places. But still, I’m on my own in a big American city for the first time 🙂 So I’ve found this little sandwich place that does breakfasts, and I’m having pancakes the American way with butter and syrup (which is growing on me), and orange juice out of a carton, and I’m surrounded by rushing commuters and military people of every conceivable type (we’re quite close to the Pentagon here, so there are a lot of uniforms around), and feeling almost like a native* compared to how I felt in San Francisco!

*Ok, maybe not quite like a native – it still took a lot of rummaging through a handful of coins to remember which was a dime and which was a nickel before I could pay for my breakfast. And I turned down the offer of sausage with my pancake…

Got to be back at the hotel by 9 to meet the group going on the first release walk of the weekend, so I should stop writing and start eating 🙂

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