Reporting in (and a couple of NoNos)

Well, we’re back from our trip down south, have covered an unfeasible number of kilometres in the last three days, successfully (finally) accomplished our mission of delivering the hug box to Otakuu, and generally had a great (but exhausting) time.

I’ve got hundreds of photos (literally – I had to buy a new memory card for my camera, because I’d filled mine up), which I now have to go through to find the ones worth being NoNoNoNo entries. In the meantime, a couple to tide you over:

I call this one “How not to park a car”:

How not to park a car

(The driver was completely unharmed. If he’d skidded just a few cm further, it would have been another story, there was a *very* steep drop to the valley far below)

And a bit of bad 80s music video:

cemetery 1

More once I’ve caught up on some sleep.

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