And a secret project update

My LJ and Bookcrossing friends have probably guessed by now that rarsberry is the intended recipient. She and VivaRichie are getting married next month, and this is going to be their wedding present from the Christchurch bookcrossers – I’m providing the embroidery, and the others are chipping in for a frame.

And we’re going to be able to present it in person, too (assuming I manage to finish it on time!) – we’ve got a secret plan 🙂 Rarsberry mentioned that she wasn’t going to have a hen party, because most of her best friends are virtual, so couldn’t come. So lytteltonwitch, boreal, and I have been plotting to organise a surprise hen party the weekend before the wedding – a few of us from Christchurch are going to go down to Dunedin, and hopefully otakuu will be able to come up from Invercargill, plus all the Dunedin bookcrossers will be there. Should be a nice surprise for her!

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