The finished product

I couldn’t find the screw top ring thingy for the last jar, so it’ll be a bit of a lottery whether the lid seals without it, but if it doesn’t I’ll just put it in the fridge and we’ll use that jar first.

And while I’m here, some recent catches:

The Message by KA Applegate – a catch from our expedition to the mountains that managed to travel a few km up the road between release and journal entry.

Austerlitz by WG Sebald – a third generation catch!

Hunting Warbirds by Carl Hoffman – one of the books I put a pre-numbered label in the Wellington YHA.

The Young Churchill by Frank Brennand – catches are even better when they get me bonus points for the Reader Challenge 😉

Dinner at Alberta’s by Russell Hoban – it’s a bit hard to tell, but I think this book got caught twice: once by someone at Cave Stream, who released it at Little River, then by an anonymous finder at Little River. The journal entries are round the wrong way, though, so I’m kind of guessing at what happened.

The Final Planet by Andrew M. Greeley – a catch from the Maize Maze we visited last weekend.

Coma by Robin Cook – another Reader Challenge catch.

White Jazz by James Ellroy – I’m pretty certain that’s the first time I’ve had a book caught by someone from Israel. I really should go back through my bookshelf one day and count up how many different countries I’ve had books travel to now.

The Truth by Terry Pratchett – I was so glad to get this catch. Not only is it another Reader Challenge book, but, more importantly, it was my 3000th release!

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  1. Not that its any good to you but I have plenty of jars!

    I have also lately found a few boxes of books Himself had stashed away hoping I wouldnt notice *sigh* so the bookshelves are groaning yet again!

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