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The observant among you might have noticed that I haven’t posted a progress report on the behemoth cross-stitch for quite a while. That’s because there has been very little progress to report. I packed it away before Christmas when life started to get busy and we were trying to keep the house tidy between visitors, and since then it’s been too hot to sew (sweaty hands aren’t great for keeping white fabric clean).

But it’s cooled down a bit the last week, so I’ve finally managed to get a bit more done:

I really do need to get on with it – I need this one and another project (that I haven’t even started yet) finished by May, plus I’ve got a few crafty things left to do for the convention, and time is rapidly running out.

I will eventually write something about our Waitangi weekend expedition (though if you’re desperate you could get a vague idea (and a lot of pictures) from the releases I’ve reported for The Reader Challenge), but in the meantime, some recent catches:

The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe – a quick catch from Lincoln.

I Am David by Anne Holm – a very appreciative finder.

Birdy by William Wharton – further proof that the best catches come from the most unlikely places.

Star Gazer by Jeanne McCafferty – this was the bookcrosser we met in the middle of the maze, who mentioned she’d picked up a couple of our books.

Hong Kong Escape by RB Goodwin – Noodles??? Though they do fit the theme of the book, it wasn’t me who left them there!

Like a Bird on the Wing by Ian G MacDonald – another pre-num from the Wellington YHA.

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift – this is my favourite kind of catch, where you know finding the book has made someone’s day.

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Rudolf Wyss – looks like my regular releasing for the challenge has been noticed.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll and Five Little Peppers by Margaret Sidney – a very quick catch from last weekend.

Toxin by Robin Cook – on its way to Canada.

Cats edited by Lynn Hughesnud‘s bookcrossing geocache was doing a roaring trade last week 🙂

Sleeping Beauty – another one from the geocache.

After Dark by Phillip M Margolin – I’m glad this one got caught, because (despite the blue sky in the release photo) about half an hour after I released it there was a huge thunderstorm and downpour, and I wasn’t sure its plastic bag would be sufficient protection.

The Quest for Mars by Laurence Bergreen – another pre-num from the Wellington YHA.

The Hope by Herman Wouk – a very quick catch, and looks like an enthusiastic new member.

And finally, Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels – a catch from the wee release walk I did yesterday.

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