NoNoNoNo Day 1

Typical. All this week the light in the mornings has had a wonderful quality that would have been fantastic for taking photos. I’ve been walking to work seeing the light shining through the new leaves, and imagining wonderful compositions of light and shade. I even thought about cheating and starting NoNoNoNo a few days early, but no, I decided to wait. So when I got up this morning, all ready to get out there with my camera, what did I see? Overcast sky and boring flat light.

But I refused to be daunted. I might not be able to get the light glinting through the leaves shots I dreamed of, but there’s always an interesting picture to be found if you search hard enough. For a start, what seems at first glance flat grey sky is rarely truly flat:


For my second photo, I thought I’d go a little more abstract. The colours of bark on a gum tree caught my eye, and a little fiddling with contrast and brightness levels produced this:

Rainbow Gum

I did take a few other photos that I was happy with, but I think for now I’ll stick to the two-a-day rule, and put the extras aside as backup for a rainy day (probably literally ;-)).

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