Twiddling my fingers

Still no word on when we can go back to work. I should be making the most of this unexpected holiday, but it’s hard to settle to it not knowing how long it will go on. And it’s a bit frustrating – the further we get into March, I’m very aware of how quickly my American trip is approaching (yay!), and how little time I’ll have to get my office sorted out (especially as there’s a good chance we’ll be in temporary offices for the first month or two) before I’m away for 3 weeks. So I’d kind of like to get back to work and start getting organised.

Oh well, at least it’s a good chance to catch up on some reading, and some embroidery:

That’s the cross-stitch part done, now there’s just a huge amount of back-stitch to do. Oh yeah, and then all the little charms to hang off it.

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