Another baking day

I decided to have another big baking day, this time for “Comfort For Christchurch”, a group who are delivering food parcels to the worst-affected suburbs. So I made:

Lemon & Coconut Slice (which didn’t work as well as I hoped, because the filling didn’t quite set. MrPloppy reckons they still taste good though, and happily ate all the edge bits I’d cut off.)

Lemon & Fruit Loaf (the weird white patches are because it’s got a sugar glaze on it – it looks a lot better in person than in the photo!)

Lemon Sugared Biscuits

Lemon & Ginger Teabread

Lemon Cake (yeah, the icing wasn’t supposed to be that colour, but the drop of food colouring dropped a bit too enthusiastically)

Lemon Muffins

Not bad for a day’s work! I’ll drop them round to the collection point in Fendalton tomorrow (I’ve just got to figure out which buses are running so I can get there…)

You may have noticed a slight theme to today’s baking. That’s because I trimmed our lemon tree the other day, and in the process harvested a few lemons:

Even after all that baking (and after taking a bag full round to my ESOL student), the fruit bowl is still overflowing.

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  1. Wow that all looks wonderful! I SO miss my poor confused lemon tree at the old house. It fruited all year round with the hugest tastiest lemons ever. Double fist sized wth super thick skin. Over here we can only get store bought ‘fake’ lemons. You know the ones, they look all pretty and lemon shaped but have paper thin waxy skin and little to no taste. I keep meaning to look into growing a potted tree and your yummy pictures have inspired me to get my act together!

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