Lunchtime doubly so

The battery died in my watch the other day, meaning that I discovered once again that I have absolutely no time sense. MrPloppy can always tell you roughly what time it is, even if he hasn’t looked at a clock for hours, but for me it could be any time at all. Which is an advantage when I’m travelling, because it makes it easy to adjust to new time zones, but not so good when I don’t have a watch to consult (and most clocks aren’t much help to me, because of my weird dyslexia-type thingy that means I can’t read analogue clocks (well, I can if I really concentrate, but it’s not easy, so generally by the time I’ve figured it out the reason for needing to know the time has passed)). So I’ve been living in a timeless world for the last few days – very strange. Anyway, I went and got a new battery put in today, so time has been returned to me. All is right with the world 🙂

Latest progress on the Singer:

We’re off down south tomorrow, with no particular plans as to what we’re doing or how long we’ll be away. I may report in sometime, but I suspect that as usual, if I’m doing anything interesting enough to be worth writing about, I won’t have time to write about it…

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