Almost packed

Off to Auckland tomorrow night, so I’ve been busy packing tonight.

Yeah, maybe I should throw in a few clothes as well… 🙂

And another progress report on the embroidery:

No more progress reports for a while, probably. I won’t have time to do any stitching tonight, and I’ll be away for the next few days. Then next week I have to get ready for the next trip, to Wellington. This jet-setting lifestyle is tough!

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  1. You’re coming to Auckland??? Want a stack of books to take home by any chance? I’m having a clear out in preparation for moving so there’s plenty that need to go!

  2. As promised this would be my new username =) Was great catching up with you all over the weekend. not to mention finding such a great new purpose for all our books. I had no trouble getting back out of town either… would you believe I actually used the "he looks like he knows where I’m going I’ll follow him" method and it WORKED!!!!

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