I caught a book!

I caught a bookcrossing book in the wild today! Now that might not seem very exciting, seeing as I am a bookcrosser, after all, and am over-run by bookcrossing books. But catching one in the wild is a very different matter to just picking one up at a meetup. In over three years as a bookcrosser, this is only the third I’ve found in the wild, so I was very excited to spot it – I only just managed to restrain myself from doing a happy dance in the middle of the Modern Languages department! And even better, it actually looks like a book I wouldn’t mind reading: Almost French by Sarah Turnbull

…My brother just rang to say they’ve arrived in Christchurch a bit earlier than planned (he and his family have been down in Alexandra, and are staying here tonight on their way back to Auckland), so I’d better go and help MrPloppy get dinner on.

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