Anyone seen any munchkins?

Spring may not have sprung, but it’s definitely in the process of sproinging. Suddenly the days are getting longer (I’m actually getting home before dark in the evening!), daffodils are popping up everywhere, and blossom’s beginning to appear on the trees. Plus there’s just that indescribable smell in the air that tells you winter’s almost over.

The weather’s been wonderful for the last few days, too. Thanks to nor’westers that in a few months we’ll be cursing, but for now they’re bringing a lovely touch of warmth to the days.

Lytteltonwitch left for her big OE yesterday. And though she hasn’t changed her location on her bookshelf yet, that makes her no longer a NZ bookcrosser. So guess what that makes me?

I’m #1!!! 😉

(I feel like I should be singing “Ding dong the witch is…um, in another country”)

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  1. I like the longer days myself. I am ready for Fall to arrive since this summer has been hot, muggy, and a lot of rain Yep, you are No. 1 indeed. Hang in there!

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