I'm famous!

Well, a little bit famouser than I was, anyway… if being famous within Bookcrossing circles counts 🙂

First of all, bookczuk (who despite what I intimated about Livejournallers yesterday does regularly read my diary, even without prompting!) spotted the entry I’d written about our BC Christmas Party, and turned it into an article for the Bookcrossing newsletter.

Then last night I got a PM from Sneakeasy, letting me know he’d featured the article as part of a series about Bookcrossing in his blog.

So my fame (and that of lytteltonwitch and her little red dress :-)) is spreading to all sorts of odd corners of the internet!

After a bit of a false start when I couldn’t find the sewing machine (shows you how often I sew – it was eventually located hiding under a pile of empty boxes, spare pillows, and other useful things in the wardrobe in the spare room. Well of course that’s where I would have left it!), I finally made a start on the handles for the goody bags last night. I got about three quarters of them sewn and the seams trimmed, so tonight I’ll finish the rest, and then starts the long job of turning them inside out and pressing them flat again. At least I can watch TV or something while I’m doing that part.

Currently reading: The Silver Crown by Robert O’Brien
Currently listening to: Thirteen Steps Down by Ruth Rendell

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  1. Sorry, luv, but this way of commenting just doesn’t seem easy to me! If you hadn’t told me, I’d never have thought to click on the "add" button. I thought that was Kiwi talk for "edit" and avoided it!

    And you do have to watch what you say in public places. I’m told that the Newsletter editing team is very devious….and darn clever.

    Now, I think I’ve ticked off all the proper boxes, but if my email address shows up publicly, I shall be miffed.

  2. Hehe, a little fame is good for all of us, enjoy!

    A friend of mine recently spent a whopping $1 on a collection of books on an online auction. Much to her surprise she had purchased over a thousand books, ranging from mid 1800’s to current. Obviously there are lots she will never read so I have suggested she sign up with bookcrossing and release them. So you’ve helped spread the word that little bit further.


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