Pretty Sparkles

(Note the cat stocking lytteltonwitch sent us from the UK, hanging in pride of place on the fireplace. I keep hinting to MrPloppy that stockings should always contain chocolates by Christmas morning…)

New to the tree this year:

I bought this one when I was supposed to be buying an ornament for the BC Ornament Exchange. I loved this one, but it’s made of glass, so would have been impossible to ship, so I bought my exchangee a kiwi with a santa hat instead, but I couldn’t resist buying my first choice for myself.

Mum always buys us a decoration or two every year (and she totally gets my quirky taste!). We actually got this (and the next one) last Christmas, but they arrived too late to put them on the tree last year, so they’ve had to wait until this year for their début.

(I keep reading her banner as “Peace One Earth”)

This and the next one came from the BC Ornament Exchange.

(Sorry for the awful photo – it was hanging from a low branch in an awkward spot to photograph (yeah, I could have just moved it while I took the photo, but where’s the challenge in that? :-)). And in case you can’t tell, it’s the silver bell you’re supposed to be looking at.)

This one was a present from the rest of the convention organising committee – at the farewell they presented lytteltonwitch and I with baskets filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies.

(I really will write more real stuff sometime soon, I promise, but things have been just so incredibly busy at work I haven’t been able to get up any enthusiasm for sitting at a computer when I get home. But hey, an entry full of photos has got to be better than nothing at all…)

Only two and a half more days of work!

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