A walk in the park

I had a very nice walk home from work this afternoon – it’s been a lovely sunny day with just enough of a breeze to cool things down nicely, so I walked home via the park and released a book (Dark Shinto by Dale Elvy) on one of the seats by the duck pond (where the ducks were most disappointed that I hadn’t stopped to feed them).

Having been the recipient of several RABKs recently, I decided it was my turn to pass on some kindness, so when Bicyclette PMed me the other day to ask if I’d be willing to send her The Runaways by Victor Canning, which she’d been searching for for ages, I immediately agreed (especially as she’d been very nice in her PM, and had followed good Bookcrossing etiquette and offered to send me a book in return. I declined her offer, but it’s the thought that counts, and usually makes me look kindly on those kind of requests. (As opposed to those people who send abrupt PMs just demanding books without even thinking to offer a book in trade or to pay postage – unless they’re obviously total newbies (in which case I’ll send a polite PM explaining why they’re not getting the book, and pointing them to TexasWren‘s excellent FAQ site), those ones get deleted without being replied to)). Anyway, I’ll be posting the book off to her sometime this week.

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