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The last few weeks have actually been a bit less frantic work-wise, as has the union work, plus of course I finished my psychology paper and we’re in mid-year break so no study to do. Which theoretically should have meant I’ve had a few weeks of peace and quiet to rejuvenate and restore myself (or at least catch up a bit) ready for the next onslaught. But being me, as soon as I slow down in one area, I find a million ways of keeping myself overly busy in other areas, so suddenly it’s the end of the quiet bit (semester starts again on Monday, work is about to get stupidly busy, and the union stuff hotted up again a couple of days ago) and I’m not at all ready for any of it. Oh well, at least I’m not bored…
Anyway, not much hope in this state of me writing a coherent and meaningful diary entry, so instead, here’s some random highlights, in no particular order:

Lytteltonwitch has been back in NZ for a few weeks, so it’s been a pretty busy time socially. Lots of meetups (including one memorable one with The-Organist, which culminated in a hilarious torchlit geocache hunt through Hagley Park), a birthday dinner at Santorini where the owner sang Happy Birthday to me, and an expedition (via Darfield and Timaru, because we can’t do anything in a straightforward way) to Fairlie to meet a bookcrosser who’s set up a bookcrossing zone in his camping ground. Loads of fun, and a reminder of just how much I’ve missed her company while she’s been overseas. She leaves for the UK again tomorrow, this time on a one-way ticket, so that’s the end of our crazy adventures for a few years 🙁 Oh well, I’ll just have to start saving my pennies for Dublin in 2012. If I can make it we’re planning on an extreme bookcrossing road-trip around Ireland either pre- or post-convention.

MrPloppy made me a birthday cake:

Isn’t it gorgeous? (This photo, incidentally, was taken just after breakfast on the morning of my birthday. I had to work that day (boo, hiss!), and we were going out for dinner straight after work, so MrPloppy got up early so he could decorate the cake and light the candles and surprise me before I left for work. So I had a slice of birthday cake for a very early morning tea :-))

And in other random photographic evidence, this is why you shouldn’t use the microwave to reheat those little pottles of chocolate sauce you get with the brownies from Domino’s Pizza:

Or at least, why, if you do use the microwave, you shouldn’t set the timer for more than 5 seconds at a time, even if your microwave is useless at timing such short bursts…

I haven’t done a lot of crafty stuff lately (except for a wee project for rarsberry’s upcoming arrival, more on which later in a friends-only post), but here’s the latest on the African embroidery I got in Wellington:

Lots of catches recently, but I can’t be bothered going through and listing them all (and you probably can’t be bothered reading through a long list), so you’ll just have to trust me on that 😉 Some of them are attributable to actually getting out and doing a bit more bookcrossing while lytteltonwitch has been here, but quite a few have been from releases I did ages ago, all of which are suddenly turning up. Maybe newbies really like the new site or something 🙂

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