A very old catch, and the odd patch

I got a great catch tonight – a book that’s been “missing in action” for more than two years! In October 2003 KiwiKat and I went on a releasing expedition to Akaroa. We had a lovely day over there, and released tonnes of books, but didn’t get very many catches. Well tonight I got an email telling me that Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon had finally been caught! By the sound of it, the person who caught it picked it up exactly where I left it, so either they found it two years ago and have only just got around to going to the Bookcrossing website to journal it, or someone else found it, kept it for two years (without journalling it), and then returned it to the bench where they found it. Who cares – I got a catch!

I’ve finally finished the backstitch on the second topiary tree:

I haven’t had a lot of time for embroidery lately, so progress has been pretty slow. Time to start on the third tree now.

Of course, that’s if I don’t get distracted by my latest project, the parts for which arrived today (I ordered them from a craft catalogue as a late Christmas present for myself).

As you can see, it’s not embroidery this time, but patchwork. I’ve always wanted to try out patchwork, but haven’t had the patience (or sewing ability). But this kit is for a new system called watercolour quilting, which involves making a grid of square patches in different tones (creating a shading effect similar to cross-stitch), using fusing web to stick them in place on a backing, and then machine sewing long straight seams. I reckon even I could do that 🙂 And for a change I’m being sensible and starting a new hobby with just a small project – a smallish wallhanging with only a little applique on top of the patchwork. Of course, I don’t know when I’ll get time to actually get it started, but I’m sure the temptation to play with all those pretty coloured patches will get the better of me soon…

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