Better Success, whippet tank

Term has started again, so it’s back to the slog of study work study work with not a lot of time for anything else. Oh well, only 6 more weeks… (and few weeks studying for the exam, and the exam itself…) and then I’ll be free! Well, semi-free, anyway. At least I’ll be finished with Spanish.

We did the Riccarton thing again on Saturday, but managed to be more restrained on the spending front this time – just got some bits and pieces to contribute to the hug box (I will explain this eventually, just not yet), and had lunch in a nice little cafe that I’ve walked past I don’t know how many times and never actually gone in before now. A pity I didn’t have a book with me to release, because it looked like it might be a pretty bookcrossing-friendly place. Maybe next time.

Otherwise, nothing of note happening, other than work stuff, which is pretty boring (and not really worth the risk of writing about here – I don’t know if anyone in NZ has been sacked yet for blogging about their work, but it’s got to be only a matter of time).

I have had a couple of catches in the last few days, though. Both from the 150th celebrations, and both picked up by people from out of town: The Killing Anniversary by Ian St. James, picked up by someone from Timaru, and Another Time, Another Place by Jessie Kesson, picked up by someone from Dunedin.

Currently reading: The Horizontal Man by Helen Eustis

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  1. I’ve never heard of book crossing before but it sounds like something I’d love to do as I am a bookworm and have more books than I can shake a stick at!

    Thanks for the idea 😉

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