To shut he budding sentimental

The spam subject lines just keep getting weirder. It’s strange – for weeks all I get are the usual viagra (misspelt in every conceivable way) and “earn $$$ in your free time” spam, and then suddenly there’ll be a spate of strange subject lines for a few days. At least it gives me some amusement while I’m deleting them all each morning (I get a huge amount of spam on my work email, because my address is all over our website).

And now for something slightly different. I’ve been running a bit low on inspiration on what to write about recently, but yesterday I saw a meme on a friend’s livejournal (yes, I’ve been a terrible traitor to DD spending time over there, but I can’t help it that so many of my friends have chosen the wrong blog site ;-)) that I think I’ve seen do the rounds here as well, which I thought might break (or at least crack slightly) my mold of seeming to only write about bookcrossing meetups.

Anyway, the idea is that I give my loyal readers (or just anyone who wanders in here by chance, as I don’t harbour any illusion that I have a large band of regular readers!) the opportunity to clear up any mysteries, or just to be incredibly nosey, by promising to answer to the best of my ability any question you ask in a comment on this entry. I’ll answer the questions in my next few diary entries (unless, of course, nobody is interested enough to ask any questions, in which case I’ll just slink away looking embarassed, try to forget this entry ever existed, and go back to reporting book releases).

There are a few provisos, of course. I reserve the right to protect my privacy (and that of my family and friends), and I won’t answer questions about my work. Other than that, fire away!

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