4.30 am and all's well

Dad and Stepmother arrived in Christchurch last night (bearing gifts of blue cod and wild pork – we’re going to be eating well this week!), on their way to Australia. Their flight is at 7 am, which of course means a 5 am check-in, so they’ve just left for the airport. And of course after seeing them off I’m now too wide awake to go back to bed. Only another 4 hours until breakfast… (we’re having a breakfast meetup with otakuu, who’s in Christchurch for the weekend)

I had a catch on Friday for one of the many copies of Tom Sawyer lytteltonwitch and I released on our way to Dunedin at Show Weekend last year. Looks like it was picked up exactly where I left it, and since then has languished on the finder’s bookshelf forgotten about. But it’s off on exciting adventures again now, in Germany!

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