Kitty Prozac

Poor George has stress cystitis again 🙁 The vet said he’s been seeing a lot of it lately, what with the earthquakes, and with all the people who have had to move house, so their cats are busy staking out new territories and upsetting the balance of power among all the other cats in the neighbourhood.

So he’s back on the kitty prozac (ok, actually it’s just an anti-inflammatory/pain killer, but we’re calling it kitty prozac anyway, it sounds cooler), and hopefully will be feeling better in a day or two and I can stop following him around to mop up the drips when he doesn’t quite make it to the litter tray.

Oh, and the diet he’s supposed to be on hasn’t worked – he’s only lost 100g instead of the kilo the vet had hoped for. Could be something to do with the fact that MrPloppy is a total softy and gives George more food every time he cries for more after he’s eaten his carefully measured portion…

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