Invisible Pizza

It being a Friday night, and neither of us feeling much like cooking dinner, we were lazy tonight and rang for a pizza. When the delivery guy arrived, he took the pizza box out of his thermal bag thingy, went to hand it to me, and then paused with a puzzled look on his face. He shook the box a bit, then opened it – and it was empty! The delivery guy was very apologetic, and raced back to the shop to get it (and the really funny part was that he still handed me the box first, even though it was empty!). They’ve messed up our order before, and given us different toppings than we asked for, but this is the first time they’ve forgotten the pizza altogether!

After thinking I’d need an expedition to the second-hand bookshop tomorrow for more bookcrossable books, I came across a box of books tonight lurking under the desk. They’re a mixture of books from the library booksale, some lytteltonwitch gave me, and a few I picked up when someone at the university was clearing out their bookshelves, and I’d put them aside to be registered later, and completely forgot about them. Anyway, I spent a few hours this evening slogging through registering them, and now have another 30-odd books I can release (although I still have to give them labels etc – that might be a job for tomorrow).

Progress report on the topiary cross-stitch:

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