Repeat Performance

Remember those pictures of snow I posted a few weeks back? I might as well just re-post them – it looks exactly the same out there again today. Which means another day off work! We we closed yesterday too, though the snow wasn’t as heavy as it is this morning (well, at least in Christchurch – the rest of the country had a lot more, even in the North Island – Sherlockfan rang me to tell me she was watching a kererū (wood pigeon) sheltering from the snow in a tree outside her window in Upper Hutt, and according to the news there were even a few flakes sighted as far north as Auckland, something that last happened about 40 years ago). There was a reasonable amount of snow on the ground here yesterday morning, but a lot of it thawed during the course of the day, despite intermittent showers of snow and hail (and something the weather presenter on last night’s news (which was about 90% devoted to the snow, which at least is a change from being 90% devoted to the rugby) informed us was graupel, somewhere in between the two). But once the sun set it started to snow in earnest, with the result that everything is pretty and white and work-preventing again this morning.

And it’s especially nice to get some bonus days off this week, as I’ve got an essay due on Friday, plus a test, so I spent the weekend writing the essay, and had planned on spending my evenings all this week studying for the test. But instead I was able to devote all of yesterday to studying, which means I just need to do a wee bit of revision over the rest of the week, so I can actually enjoy today (and potentially tomorrow – the forecast is for this weather to continue a bit longer) as a relaxing day off. Yay for snow!

Right, I’ve just checked my work email and the official “we’re closed, stay at home” notice has come through, so I’m going back to bed where it’s warm.

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