It's not an addiction, honestly

Written 9.26 am, Tuesday 1 August 2006, to be uploaded whenever I get a chance…

Why is it the moment DD goes down I have an uncontrollable urge to write a diary entry? It’s not even as if I have anything particularly interesting to report (except that evienz caught one of my books from the 150th celebrations: Virgin Territory by Marilyn Todd), but when I tried to log in to DD yesterday and got a message saying something about bad gateways, and when the same error message showed up again this morning, I will admit to feeling a little bit of panic that I couldn’t get to my diary. Suddenly there were all these things that I had to record right now! (I can’t actually remember what they were, admittedly, and if DD suddenly had come back up I would probably have been lost for a topic as usual, but as soon as I saw that error message I really really needed to write a diary entry!) At least they’ve got a slightly more reassuring sounding error message up now.

One thing that did occur to me (at my most paranoid moment, when I thought “maybe they’ve decided it’s too hard to fix so they’ll just shut down DD for good”) is that I don’t have any sort of backup for my diary. Not that I think most of it is particularly worth preserving for posterity or anything, but there are a few entries that I’d like to keep for future reference, plus there’s my list of what I’ve read this year – not particularly important, but it’s been an interesting exercise, so it would be a pity to lose it. And then there’s all the photos I’ve uploaded. I’m not sure I’ve got another copy of all of them (like the progress reports on my embroidery – I normally delete those off my computer once I’ve uploaded them, because they’re not particularly important, but it is nice to be able to look back and see how much progress I’ve made as time has gone on). I know hamipiks wasn’t affected this time, but what if one day it disappears? Anyway, I think once DD reappears I might have to make it a project to make some sort of backup of some of the best bits of my diary, and the more important photos.

Of course, what I can’t back up is the friends I’ve made through DD, which was the other thing that occurred to me last night: if DD disappeared forever, I’d lose touch with some good friends. And that would be much worse than losing my photos or my book list.

What on earth did we do before the internet?

Currently reading: Love, Charlie Mike by Kate de Goldi

Now, let’s see if this actually uploads…

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