Happy New Year

Ok, so I’m about 9 hours too late, but I was too tired last night once the visitors left. Yeah, I know I said we were going to have a quiet night and probably not even see the New Year in, but plans do have a habit of changing.

I’d offered to cook dinner for Mum and SF, and was just about to make a start on it when Mum got a call from a friend. She and her husband were also doing nothing for New Year’s, and she was feeling a bit down, so Mum invited them round for dinner. There was a bit of a frantic rush to find a way to expand my pasta dish to feed five instead of three, but we managed somehow (mostly due to the addition of lots of salad and bread in accompaniment) and had a lovely meal.

They’d intended to only stay for dinner, but the conversation around the table was flowing so freely that suddenly it was 11.30, so we decided we might as well stick it out until midnight… and beyond… culminating in Mum and I trying to sing all the old Scottish songs and nursery rhymes Granny taught us. I reckon it was getting near to 2 am before I actually got to bed – so much for a quiet night!

Anyway, hope you all had/have a good night, and that 2011 is better than 2010 (I’ll just be happy if those @#%& aftershocks stop in Christchurch!!!)

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