Another sort of Christmas Kitten

It’s that time of year again, and as meerkitten‘s “honorary aunties”, lytteltonwitch and I were invited along to her Sunday school’s Christmas play. I had about as much fun as an atheist who has very little to do with children can sitting in a church watching a bunch of kids talking about Jesus… but cynicism aside, the kitten was pretty good in her role of a cheeky shepherd, and there *were* one or two funny moments in the play (plus, of course, a few unintentionally funny bits when various children messed up their lines producing… um… *interesting* results (like a mix-up involving “room” and “womb” which produced quite a few sniggers from the adult part of the audience)). But overall not really my idea of an exciting way to spend a morning. Oh well, you have to do these things when you’ve got friends with kids, I suppose, and at least it only comes round once a year.

Progress report on my topiary cross-stitch:

[album 128913 111205embr.jpg]

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  1. Nice job on the cross stitch so far. Is the pink thing an Eskimo, too? :o) Thanks for the links to patterns, although I’m still one of those throwbacks who are scared to order stuff off the Internet. Now that I know there are some out there, though, I’ll keep my hopes up that I might find something in a crafts store some day.

  2. hello FutureCat, I wrote you a comment a few hours ago and it didnt show up. It was long, maybe too long cause it didnt show up on your entry page. Did you get it? I was just writing that I liked your cross-stitch (My family has a history of cross-stitching and embroidery) and how intriguing was to visit.(Im an avid reader and book collector myself) I think Ill join in on the Bookcrossing adventure!


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