The kittens in situ

I finally got round to getting a piece of ribbon (well, actually I finally got round to asking MrPloppy to getting some for me when he was in town the other day) so I could finish off the Christmas Kittens. I’ve still got to get a brass ring to put on the ribbon to hang them from, but in the meantime blutak is doing the job just as well.

[album 128913 091205embr1.jpg]

One nice thing about having Christmas in summer is that the chimney makes a lovely place to hang the kittens, and I don’t have to worry about them catching on fire or getting melted 🙂

[album 128913 091205embr2.jpg]

Sorry about the poor focus – my camera obviously didn’t like the contrast against the black chimney.

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  1. LOL at that word, cackleberry! When Tech Man asks what’s for breakfast tomorrow morning, I’m going to tell him "cackleberries". Heehee!

    Very creative stitchery project! I got an idea of something I’d like to do from something Annael (I think) posted once. I only need to find a pattern for a bathtub. Underneath the bathtub, I want to stitch the text of that Tolkien poem, "Sing hey, for a bath at the end of the day" or whatever it is, and hang it in the bathroom. Annael (or whoever it was) did something similar with a picture of a bathtub and calligraphy.

    An outhouse might work okay, come to think of it. I just don’t know where I’m going to find one of those or a bathtub in the craft store. It’s all flowers and animals and cutesy stuff there.

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