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This entry is mainly for my own benefit, to clarify what’s been organised so far, and what’s still to be done. Most of this is just re-hashing things I’ve already said, so feel free to ignore if you’re bored 🙂 It just helps to get it all down in one place.

Tuesday 8 April Christchurch
Last day at work.
Otakuu arrives in Christchurch? (Otakuu to book flight through agent)
Meetup with Christchurch bookcrossers (regular second Tuesday meetup)
Wednesday 9 April Christchurch to Perth
Leave Christchurch 2.35 pm
Arrive Sydney 3.55 pm
Leave Sydney 5.50 pm
Arrive Perth 8.45 pm
Still haven’t found accommodation in Perth 🙁
Thursday 10 April Perth
Meetup with Perth bookcrossers?
Friday 11 April Perth to Singapore
Leave Perth 12.00 noon
Arrive Singapore 5.25 pm
Staying at The Inn Crowd hostel (twin room booked)
Saturday 12 April Singapore
Meetup with Singapore bookcrossers (Deidre organising)
Sunday 13 – Monday 14 April Singapore to Cardigan
Leave Singapore 10.55 pm Sunday
Arrive London 5.15 am Monday
Meet Lytteltonwitch at Heathrow (arrives London 5.50 am Monday)
Breakfast in London with Lytteltonwitch
Train leaves Paddington 10.15 am (booked)
Arrive Cardiff 12.22 pm
Meet Outlaws at Cardiff, drive to Cardigan (approx. 3 hours away)
Tuesday 15 April Cardigan
Rest day! (Except we’ll probably spend most of it being shown around Wales by the Outlaws :-))
Wednesday 16 April Cardigan to Cardiff
Outlaws drive us back to Cardiff
Stay with Miketroll? (Otakuu to confirm) or MrPloppy’s aunt in Bridgend
Meetup with Cardiff bookcrossers?
Thursday 17 April Cardiff to London
Train leaves Cardiff 8.30 am (booked)
Arrive Bath 9.34 am
Meet Lytteltonwitch Bath railway station (arrives 9.00 am from London)
Explore Bath with Lytteltonwitch
Get hire car in Bath, drive to Stonehenge then back to London (or a station somewhere just outside where we can leave the car so Lytteltonwitch doesn’t have to drive in London!)
Staying at Adamotel in Earls Court (Lytteltonwitch has booked)
Friday 18 – Sunday 21 April London
Monday 21 April London to Vitoria
(Travelling on my own!)
Leave London 7.25 am
Arrive Madrid 10.45 am
Leave Madrid 12.00 noon
Arrive Bilbao 12.55 pm
Meet Atenea-Nike in Bilbao, drive to Vitoria
Staying with Atenea-Nike
Tuesday 22 April Vitoria
Get to test my Spanish skills while exploring the city on my own!
Wednesday 23 April Vitoria to Chicago
Atenea-Nike drives me back to Bilbao
Leave Bilbao 8.35 am
Arrive Madrid 9.35 am
Leave Madrid 12.35 pm
Arrive London 2.05 pm
Leave London 4.10 pm
Arrive Chicago 6.40 pm
(that’s a lot of airports!)
Staying with Mojosmom
Thursday 24 April Chicago
Meetup with Chicago bookcrossers (Mojosmom organising)
Friday 25 April Chicago to Ottawa
Leave Chicago 9.05 am
Arrive Ottawa 12.00 noon
Staying with Princess1984
Saturday 26 April Ottawa
Meetup with Ottawa bookcrossers (Princess1984 organising)
Sunday 27 – Wednesday 30 April Ottawa to Charleston
Leave Ottawa 12.35 pm Sunday
Arrive Chicago 1.45 pm
Leave Chicago 3.25 pm
Arrive Columbus 5.40 pm
Meet Buffra in Columbus
Road trip from Columbus to Charleston, possibly via Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia, or Washington DC, or… but we’ll definitely pick up Otakuu somewhere along the way. (Buffra, Otakuu, and whoever Otakuu’s staying with to arrange the exact details. I’m just a passenger ;-))
Maybe some meetups with local bookcrossers as we pass through?
Not sure where we’re staying in Charleston (Bookczuk asking around)
Meetup with Charleston bookcrossers?
Thursday 1 May Charleston to Dallas/Fort Worth
Leave Charleston 7.40 am
Arrive Dallas/Fort Worth 9.30 am
Not sure where we’re staying in DFW (TexasWren asking around)
Meetup with DFW bookcrossers?
Friday 2 May Dallas/Fort Worth to Honolulu
(Travelling alone again)
Leave DFW 5.35 pm
Arrive Los Angeles 6.55 pm
Leave Los Angeles 8.00 pm
Arrive Honolulu 10.40 pm
Staying with Dustyflint
Saturday 3 May Honolulu
Meetup with Honolulu bookcrossers (Dustyflint organising)
Sunday 4 – Monday 5 May Honolulu to Sydney
Leave Honolulu 10.50 am Sunday
Arrive Sydney 5.30 pm Monday
Staying with Littlemave or Servalan? (need to confirm)
Meetup with Sydney bookcrossers (both Littlemave and Servalan have offered to organise)
Tuesday 6 May Sydney to Christchurch
Leave Sydney 8.35 am
Arrive Christchurch 1.35 pm
Wednesday 7 May Christchurch
Back to work.

That itinerary gets more exhausting every time I look at it!

Then there’s all the stuff I need to do and get before I go:

  • Travel Docs – once Otakuu’s flights are confirmed, can pay for tickets. Need to print off booking confirmations for accommodation and trains, and contact details of hosts. Skyring sending travel journal.
  • Luggage – have to decide whether to take suitcase or yellow BC bag (which will be easiest to lug around trains and buses, and have room for everything I’ll need for a month’s travel?). Dad sending me money belt and carry-on backpack suitable for laptop
  • Books – have acquired some suitably thin and light books, but need to find some more, for release and for taking to meetups (while remembering I’ve got to lug them around for a month, so I don’t want to take *too* many!).
  • Clothes – need to work out what temps to expect in various places (I’ll probably go with the “light layers” technique anyway). Have bought a few bits and pieces, still need to buy new jeans.
  • Shoes – will be doing a lot of walking (especially around airports!), so need good comfortable walking shoes. Time to replace my old ones, I think.
  • T-shirts – Lytteltonwitch is investigating getting something printed 🙂
  • Gifts – more than enough bookstrings made for the goody bags in London and to hand out at meetups. Still need to sort out little gifts for my various hosts (Mum said she’d help with these – confirm with her)
  • Phone – have to sort out roaming for the countries I’ll be in. Australia is automatic, but I think the others have to be pre-arranged. Will talk to Vodaphone people at the airport tomorrow when we meet Discoverylover and Sherlockfan.
  • Power – need to find a travel plug/adaptor thingy so I can recharge laptop, phone, camera, mp3 player… all the essentials of modern life 🙂
  • Money – get enough cash in various currencies for basics. Check out fees for using
    my card overseas.
  • Work – make sure boss has my contact details for d-day on the 9th, and CV etc if things start happening before I get back)

I think that’s all the things that have been whirling around my head lately. I’m sure there’s other things I haven’t thought of, but now that I’ve got all this lot written down in one place, it might free up a bit of my brain to remember what else I need to think about 🙂

61 sleeps to go!

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