Suddenly, it's April

And that means I’m going to London this month!!!!!

It’s all starting to seem very real. My list of things to do doesn’t seem to be diminishing at all – as soon as I get one thing done, I think of another two to add to the list. But at least I’ve managed to tick a few really major things off in the last couple of weeks: I’ve got somewhere to stay everywhere I’m going; I’ve got all the bookstrings and little gifts for my hosts sorted out; I’ve put the finishing touches on our presentation; I’ve prepared lessons for my esol student for while I’m away; my desk at work is almost cleared (though I suspect it will rapidly be piled up again over the next week with everyone’s “oh, before you go…” tasks); and I’ve done the bulk of my packing (although I keep thinking of more things I really should take). Everything else on the list is now those niggly little things that you put aside because you’ve got plenty of time and they won’t take long, and suddenly it’s only 8 sleeps to go, and they don’t seem so quick after all.

This time next week, otakuu will be in Christchurch, and I’ll be just about to start locking up the office before I head to our farewell meetup.

I can’t wait!

A few recent catches I don’t think I’ve mentioned:

Gravity by Tess Gerritsen continues to travel via anonymous finders, and is now in Vancouver (or possibly Washington state – the finder seems to be a bit confused about what country they’re in!)
Hot Water Man by Deborah Moggach – a quick catch from the ever-reliable Rakaia.
The Twisted Playground by Bryan Forbes, released in a playground (of course!) in Invercargill when we were down visiting Otakuu, has reappeared four months later in a Starbucks.
and another catch from our Easter Monday expedition, Shakespeare’s Bawdy by Eric Partridge, caught in Fairlie and now back in Christchurch.

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