Look what I've got

Yep, it’s my tickets. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s a proper old-fashioned printed book of tickets, not an e-ticket printout. Apparently my demented itinerary is so complex that the airline wouldn’t issue an e-ticket for it, and insisted on the travel agent using the old kind. Which she did, even though it took FIVE books of tickets to do so.

Very exciting to finally have the tickets in my hands. It makes it all seem so much more real. I couldn’t stop smiling all afternoon 🙂

The other exciting thing I did (as if picking up my tickets wasn’t enough) was go and change some money, to give me a bit of emergency cash in the various currencies I’ll need (well, most of them – the bureau de change didn’t have any Canadian dollars, so I’ll have to get them later).

I love foreign currency. It always seems so weird, not like real money at all. Looking at the different notes got me wondering what the design of banknotes says about the countries they come from.

Australian dollars are bright and brash. American dollars, at the other end of the scale, look dull*, but exude power (I always get the impression they’re saying “we don’t have to look good, you know we’re worth more than any other currency” (although maybe not recently…)). Pounds are old-fashioned looking, and a bit smug, knowing that when all the other upstart currencies have come and gone, they’ll still be around. And Euros are all modern and trendy looking. And Singapore dollars are palely pastel and a bit nervous looking (or is that just the guy on them?), like they’re waiting for one of the bigger, tougher currencies to beat them up.

It amused me, anyway 🙂

*Though what’s this? Some of my American notes have, shock horror, COLOUR on them! Not much colour, and it’s very muted, but there’s a definite tinge of something other than grey-green there.

5 sleeps to go!

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  1. Yay for tickets 🙂 We actually had paper ones last year (except for the within-Europe leg), even though our itinerary was simplicity itself in comparison 🙂 Some airlines aren’t yet into E-tickets.

    Euros make things much simpler. And these days it’s easy to get local cash out of holes-in-the-wall.

    Five sleeps! That’s practically *now*!

  2. P.S.: Mr Kimi just looked at those tickets and asked if you’ve got one of those really cheap airfares as described in an episode of "Black Books" 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for you! You’ll take lots and lots of photos, won’t you?

    Yup. Our government money guys apparently got Color Envy, and started dressing up the bills. I like them. Have you any twenties or fifties? Those have a plastic strip embedded to the left of the portrait that you can see only if you hold them up to the light. I used to snip a little triangle of the paper on each end of it, and pull it out, just for fun, before they were really common. Now it seems like all the clerks check to see if it’s there, so I’m afraid to remove it!



    PS Glad you liked the shoes!

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