¡Odio los exámenes orales!

I had my oral exam for Spanish today, and it didn’t go well 🙁 I was really well prepared – I’d done loads of study, and had even worked out what I could say if the examiner asked all the most likely questions – but when I went into his office my mind went completely blank, and the few things I managed to say that weren’t total gibberish were the kind of really simple phrases we learnt in the first few weeks of the first year course. I won’t get my mark for it until Monday, but when the exam was over, the examiner said “You find it a lot easier to express yourself in writing than speaking, don’t you?”, which is not a good sign. Oh well, it’s only worth 10% of the final grade, so it’s not the end of the world, but I’d managed to keep a nice A+ average for all my written work so far, so it’s disappointing that I’ve let myself down so badly in the oral component.

Ming has done himself an injury of some sort. On Wednesday night he was asleep on the bed, and when I went to move him off so we could get in he started yowling and hissing, and was obviously in a lot of pain. Eventually we figured out it was his foot that was hurting, and we managed to carefully move him to a cushion in front of the fire, and set up his food and water and a litter tray nearby so he wouldn’t have to move too far for any of them. By morning he was looking a bit better, so we decided to hold off on taking him to the vet (which involves major planning when you don’t have a car – this is one of the few times one would really come in handy!). After a couple of days of pampering he’s looking much better now, but he’s still limping badly, so we’re keeping an eye on him, and if he gets worse, or if he doesn’t keep improving, we’ll probably take him to the vet on Monday. He’s probably just been in a fight again, but he’s had an infected pad in his foot once before, so there’s always the worry that’ll happen again.

Ming being unimpressed that I’m taking photos instead of feeling sorry for him as he limps around the place

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  1. Hmm, I seem to recall about this time last year your saying that your oral exam hadn’t gone well, and then getting some fabulous mark. We shall see 🙂

    Poor Ming. I hope his paw comes right – or if not, that you manage to get him to a vet without too much trauma!

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