Lazy and productive at the same time – my perfect life!

I definitely like this wireless concept. You can stay in bed half the morning and yet still feel productive because you’ve finally caught up with reading some of your friends’ diaries 🙂 (so if any of you suddenly appear on the Top 10 list, you’ll know why – it’s because I’ve read a couple of months worth of entries in one sitting!). Of course, I’ll probably pay for it with a stiff neck for the rest of the day, but I’m sure I won’t be making a habit of it – I’m just enjoying the novelty of this portable internet thing.

I did manage to spend the rest of the morning being more actively productive, delivering fliers for H’s business. He managed to get a few hundred printed for free (one of the perks of being “in the system” – you can get government agencies to help you out with things like that), so we’ve been going out every few days and doing a street or two – it’s amazing just how long it takes, and just how many mailboxes there are in a single street (and just how many streets there are!) – we haven’t covered even a fraction of his target area. I delivered the last of the free flyers today, so we’re going to have to bite the bullet and actually pay to get some more done. It’ll be worth it, though, because even with the small amount we’ve put out, he’s already had a couple of customers from them. So the printing cost will pay for itself pretty quickly.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure that I’ve actually mentioned here what H’s exciting new business venture is. He’s set up a home computer consultancy, (PC Help (Christchurch) Ltd. He wants to provide a service to people (particularly older people) who aren’t all that computer savvy, helping them out with small repairs and advice, so that they don’t have to take their computer into a shop where they’ll be intimidated by the techie-types talking geek language. He’s one of those rare animals, a techie-type who can communicate well, so he thinks he can fill an important niche (and from the comments he’s had from customers so far, he’s right!).

The business will probably never make him a fortune (though you never know!), but we’re expecting within 6 months it should be providing a steady income, which will be a nice back up to my salary, and more importantly, it’s providing him with some much needed self-confidence, knowing that there’s something he’s good at and that people are prepared to pay him to do it. And it means he doesn’t have to work for anyone else, which he doesn’t cope well with. Working for himself is a much better idea – he can make his own choices, and if he’s having a bad day, he can adjust his work to suit. And best of all, no idiotic workmates to deal with day in and day out! (Hmm, sounds tempting – maybe he’ll be able to expand the business enough one day that I can leave work and join him :-))

(I’m making this entry friends-only because H’s name and phone numbers are on the PC Help website, so please keep comments private)

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