Bad news and good news

Just got a call from the builders – they finally got the results back about the asbestos testing (only a week after they said they’d have them…)  The bad news is, they found asbestos.  The good news is, it’s going to be a simple job to remove the offending panel, so they’re going to do that tomorrow.  The even better news is, they should be able to do it all from the outside of the house, so I don’t have to take a day off work to hang around waiting for them to turn up so I can let them in.  And because it’s a simple job and only involves removing the damaged panel and not the entire eaves, then my insurance will cover the asbestos removal as well as the repairs (I double checked with the insurance company about that the other day, just to be sure!), so I’m not going to be any further out of pocket.   Of course, the bad news about it being asbestos is that it means that the actual repairs won’t be happening until at least next week now, so I’ve got to put up with the hole for a bit longer (I suppose the good news is that at least I don’t live in an area with bats or other attic-nesting flying creatures, so nothing’s likely to make use of that tempting hole to invade the attic in the meantime…)

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