Big booms

I was confused last night to hear a strange booming noise in the distance.  It sounded like fireworks, but Classical Sparks was last week, so I couldn’t figure out what it would be.  I looked out the kitchen window, because sometimes fireworks in town are just visible from there (Hagley Park is about 5 km away from my place), and sure enough, I could see the tops of big bursts of fireworks going off.  I watched them for quite a while before it finally clicked – it must have been the Cricket World Cup opening ceremony.  Yeah, sports doesn’t make a lot of impact on my consciousness, even when everyone’s been talking for months about some big deal international competition taking place in Christchurch…

The asbestos removal guys turned up this morning just as I was leaving for work.  They said it should only take them about an hour to remove the panel.  Hope all the other components of the massive team* working on my little repair are as quick and efficient!
* I got the scope of works from the builder yesterday, and the list of tradespeople named on it was enormous: assessor, contracts manager, asbestos tester, asbestos remover, builder, painter, and electrician.  I never knew it could take so many people to fix one smallish hole!  At least I’m getting my money’s worth out of losing my no-claims bonus 🙂

I’m getting my Meritorious Service award from the union this afternoon (finally – Harvestbird and I wanted to make sure we both got our awards at the same ceremony, but every potential date the union’s administrator came up with ended up not suiting one or the other of us, so it’s taken a while to find a date we could both do).  It’s not going to be anything particularly fancy – just drinkies with the branch committee and staff over in the union offices.  I don’t think our brilliant suggestion of a celebratory cake train (like a sushi train, but with lots of tiny fancy cakes going round on the conveyor belt instead of fish) will eventuate.
Seriously, someone needs to invent a cake train.  I’d definitely go to that restaurant!

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  1. I was not impressed with the fireworks as they shook my house. They were also very late and some of us were in bed. I rushed outside as I didn’t know what was happening and thought that an industrial building nearby had exploded. I had evil thoughts towards all cricketers when I realised what it was. My workmates were equally unimpressed.

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