Wind, mysteries, and photos

Super-windy this afternoon (though not as bad as it was in Wellington), with a classic Christchurch nor’wester.  So yay, nice warm day, but not so yay having to battle the wind walking home – I felt like I’d run a marathon by the time I got home.
At least my difficulties weren’t as bad as the guy I passed on my way who was attempting to manoeuvre an INFLATED double-size airbed into his (rather small) car.  He was having quite a struggle, because of course the wind was treating it like a giant sail.  I was tempted to cross the street and offer to help, just so I could ask why he didn’t just deflate it first…  Very strange.
We had a team photo taken at work today (with our award oh-so-casually happening to be in shot), to be used to illustrate our annual report.  I never enjoy having my photo taken, but the university photographer is very good at cracking jokes and being silly to get a smile out of everyone, so it was a relatively painless process.

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