Thanks to the generous allocation of University Holidays around this time of year, plus of course quite a few Public Holidays, and the judicious use of a couple of days’ leave, I’ve got a whole two weeks off work. And much needed it is too, after a very busy few months (that break in October seems so long ago now!).
Apart from a few social engagements, my plan for the break mostly involves a lot of sitting in the garden with a book, a bit of sewing (my boss’s wife is having a baby in February, so I’ve got a plan in mind for a gift), and probably (this being me) a bit of playing on the computer.  And so far I’ve got off to a good start: Saturday I declared a completely lazy day(which every holiday should start with), so I didn’t do much more than read and watch a few DVDs.  Then yesterday, after a quick catch-up on the housework I should have done on Saturday, I went for a long walk (about 5 km according to Google) over to Merivale, mostly in order to acquire a small box of De Spa chocolates as a Christmas present to myself.  Still feeling energetic, I decided to walk from there into town (only about another 3 km), and had a grazing sort of lunch on the way, consisting of a couple of apricots from the greengrocer on Victoria Street, a taco from a food stall at the Pallet Pavilion, and gelato from another stall in New Regent Street (kind of a gastronomic tour of the rebuild…).  By that time my feet were starting to complain, so I decided I’d definitely had a long enough walk and caught the bus home 🙂
Today’s been another mostly lazy one.  It was lovely and sunny, and the forecast for the next few days isn’t, so I made the most of the weather with a book and picnic blanket (and occasional visit from the cat) under the tree in the back yard.  Very pleasant.  I did manage to be slightly constructive though, cutting a huge number of pieces of fabric for my next wee project (I only just finished cutting them out now, so I’ll wait until daylight to take photos).
So, yep, enjoying my holidays so far!

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