Double blogging

After my triumphant post of yesterday, I very nearly forgot to write a blog post today!  I blame the fact that I have actually written a blog post today, it just wasn’t for this blog.  My Toastmasters club has a website where a recap of each week’s meeting gets posted.  Up until recently, there’s been just one person writing all the recaps, but the committee thought it would be fairer on him if the job was shared around the whole club, with each of us taking turns to write up a meeting.  Most of the other members were looking pretty intimidated by the idea (many are of an age where “post something to our website” sounds like a highly complex and technical task, despite the step by step instructions that Tim (the previous site maintainer) provided), so I volunteered to take the first turn.  Playing with websites is not exactly intimidating to me, considering it’s a big part of my job (and even if it wasn’t, the club’s site uses WordPress, just like DD, so it was all very familiar territory).
So here’s the post I wrote.  Hopefully now that I’ve shown how easy it is, and that you don’t need Tim’s magical IT skills to post a recap, some of the other members will be brave enough to give it a go too.

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