Blogging 101

As of yesterday, I’ve managed to write a blog post on 101 consecutive days (which of course makes today number 102, but I liked 101 better for the title…).  Not bad going, really (even if sometimes the content has been a little thin).  There’s been a couple of late nights in there when I suddenly remembered just as I was about to go to bed that I hadn’t posted anything yet, and more than a few sneaky posts written in a break at work (like this one…) when I realised I wouldn’t have time to write in the evening (or it was going to be a cold and miserable night so I wouldn’t want to be sitting at the computer in the cold study, or I was just in the middle of a long and boring task and wanted an excuse to do something else for a few minutes).  Which accounts for the brevity of many of the posts – long thoughtful posts take a long time to compose, strangely enough, and I don’t often manage to find long chunks of the day to write more than a few words.  Photos aren’t always the quick and easy space-filler they seem either, when each needs to be reduced to a web-friendly size, and Flickr convinced to play nice with them.
And, oddly enough, even blogging every day I end up not writing about some stuff just because I’m too busy doing the stuff to write about it.  I usually try and write it up a day or two later, but sometimes I get distracted by shiny things, and what I’d meant to write about drops to the bottom of the list and gets forgotten.
The big problem with writing every day, however, is when do I stop this little exercise?  My original plan was to try it for a month, but having succeeded at that I was kind of in the habit so kept going.  Then I thought 100 days sounded like a nice goal, but I’m already past that.  And it’s kind of annoying sometimes, having to find time to write on days when I’m really busy.  But I know if I let a day or two slide here and there, I’ll all too soon be back to letting whole months go by.  So maybe I should keep going for a little bit longer.  The next obvious goal is a year…

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  1. Well, it’s always nice to hear… and SEE what you have been doing in your corner of the world, especially when our seasons are so different. It is a constant source of amusement to me!

    1. Yeah, even though I *know* how the seasons work and angle to the sun and all that, it still always kind of surprises me when people from the other side of the world are talking about autumn in October… 🙂

    1. Yes, but long habit of resizing before uploading dies hard 🙂 (And I often want to do a bit of cropping or other tweaking first anyway)

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